Product Description

Pangaea is a cement based polymer enhanced compound that is installed on top of existing structural substrates. It is mixed on site and hand troweled at an average thickness of up to 15mm. After curing, Pangaea is then machine ground and mechanically polished for a finish system of 10-12mm. Pangaea polished concrete can if desired achieve matte, satin or gloss finishes.


Product Outline

  • 10-12mm system

  • Ability to be installed over various substrates including concrete, timber, ceramic or terrazzo

  • Seamless flooring with no grout lines or expansion joints required (unless existing control joints or saw cuts are within substrate)

  • Consistent in colour and aggregate exposure

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Durable and hard wearing

  • Large product range

  • Customisable – mixed blends can be personalised to suit any design

  • Minimal maintenance and easy to clean

  • Commercial and Residential Installation

  • Installed on stairs, tables, bench tops

  • Excellent thermal mass

Core Range

Pangaea is available in 5 standard base colours and 6 standard aggregates.

Base: Arctic White, Light Grey, Chardonnay, Charcoal, French Grey

Aggregate: Warm White, Ice, Belvidere, Sydney, Barossa, Yarra Valley

Custom Pangaea

Customising your own Pangaea is effortless.

  1. Pick your Base colour
  2. Pick your Aggregate(s)
  3. Pick your Finishing System (Matte, Satin or Gloss)

For any additional base colours or aggregates contact us to help create your ultimate Pangaea.

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